For over twenty years, sisters Jeanine and Catherine have worked together, and independently, to develop and produce over thirty hours of non-fiction entertainment on a wide array  of topics from history and current events to scientific explorations that span the globe. 

For each and every project, we bring together our talented network of documentary editors, graphic designers and cinematographers to deliver thought provoking, inspirational entertainment that lasts.

Jeanine Butler

Jeanine Butler

Co-FOUNDER/Producer Director

Jeanine is an award-winning director, producer and writer. Specializing in documentaries and non-fiction entertainment, her work has been broadcast across multiple platforms, screened at film festivals worldwide and garnered numerous awards, including three National Emmy nominations for Documenting the Face of America (PBS), The Science of HIV/AIDS (The Discovery Channel), and Africa (BBC/Discovery Channel). Butler has produced, written and directed longform documentaries for Explorer, the premier documentary series for National Geographic and crafted strategic storytelling for nonprofits and international NGOs. Currently she has two short films screening at the Newseum in Washington, DC. and is wrapping up post-production on American Heretics: The Politics of the Gospel with her producing partner and sister, Catherine Butler.


Catherine Butler


Catherine Lynn Butler is an award-winning documentary writer/producer with global experience developing and delivering impactful long and short form documentaries for television, museums, educational nonprofits and NGOs. Catherine’s work has been awarded two Emmy’s, including Journey of the Universe(PBS); Women of Tibet (PBS); and a National Emmy nomination for Documenting the Face of America (PBS).

She also produced the critically acclaimed feature-length investigative documentary The Future of Food, which enjoyed global theatrical and digital distribution.  She’s currently wrapping up post-production with her producing partner and sister, Jeanine Butler on American Heretics: The Politics of the Gospel.

Award-winning projects: 

- 2013 Telly Award "One Action, One Person, Together"Green Impact / Ventura County

- 2012 Emmy Award "Journey of the Universe" PBS

- 2009 Emmy Nominated “Documenting the Face of America” PBS

- 2009 Emmy Award "The Women of Tibet" PBS

- 2004 Festival and online favorite "The Future of Food"

- 2001 CINE Golden Eagle Award "Seismic Sleuths: Understanding Earthquakes" Discovery, TLC, National Geographic Channels