Visual excellence, real stories, authentic emotions, and top-notch production values are key ingredients in every piece we produce.Whether it’s hard science, natural history, politics, social p.o.v. or travel/adventure, butlerfilms delivers fast-paced non-fiction entertainment that spans the globe. Specializing in both long and short form programming, we create innovative digital content for all media platforms, including broadcast, theatrical, commercial, web, and special events. 

Our skill as documentary storytellers offers a unique opportunity for corporate, non-profit and NGO clients to bring their message to a broader audience in both a personal and entertaining way. 

Insightful, informative, and inspirational – our award winning work has been featured on PBSNational GeographicThe Discovery ChannelAnimal PlanetTLC non-profits, international NGO’s and museums. 

Jeanine Butler's work has screened at film festivals worldwide and garnered numerous national awards, including three National Emmy nominations for Documenting the Face of America (PBS), The Science of HIV/AIDS (The Discovery Channel), and Africa (BBC/Discovery Channel).

We have produced shows in over 20 countries for a wide array of clients, including PBSThe Discovery ChannelAnimal PlanetTLCThe National Geographic Channel, as well as NGO’s and non-profits seeking to hone their message internally and share it globally.

Our particular style favors simplicity and a keen eye for the visual poetry captured within each moment.